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If a Filipina spinner is your game, then check out this fantastic small framed Asian girl this week.

Jonas got Maxine to give a bio about herself. Her favorite position is ANY position. Simple enough. She stripped down, danced around naked on the bed and let the camera really get to know her before screwing her Filipina spinner body! Gotta love that!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 October 2012 05:01

Bent over doggy panties pulled down Fina Asian poser

Well it was my birthday yesterday so in celebration of my 1 millionth (or so it feels) birthday I decided to celebrate by fucking an Asian friend of mine! Bless my wife for allowing me the occasional foray into another woman’s womb for special occasions. Of course, I couldn’t take any pictures cause the chick would totally kick the balls right out of my sack at the suggestion (Asians can be so emotional lol) but this chick looks exactly like her from the neck down. My Asian friend has what we call a “butter face” but anyways.. for purpose of this update lets not ruin the vision by describing the oddly shaped nose and cross-eyed gaze, haha

Anyways guy, enjoy today’s gallery. She’s a hoot to enjoy and I damn near lost my load just rummaging through her pictures. Reminded me too much of my good time last night. On a semi-side note: Did you know that some chicks actually CAN lick their own clits when feeling left out while my wife takes a ride on my pogo stick? .. off-the-chain insane!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 06:49

Nice view of a very cute Asian American Teen

Ariel Sweet is a 24-year-old Filipino girl, originally from the Bay Area and now living in Las Vegas Ariel has a Sweet innocent exterior but she describes herself as the biggest “Perv” you will ever meet. She loves to show off her body for guys, and she is totally into girls. She loves to masturbate too. This girl is wild and totally Sexy!

Asian-American-Girls has got every type of ethnicity you could ever want! CHINESE, FILIPINO, INDONESIAN, JAPANESE, KOREAN, THAI, CAMBODIAN, VIETNAMESE, HAWAIIAN, ISLANDER and every mix of the above so don’t wait any longer

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 06:38

Once I brought Crystel to my hotel room she seemed apprehensive at first but seemed to be no stranger to this type of activity. In short time she assumed the position that we all love to see Filipina women in when visit a tourists pad. She looked so good on her knees that I was immediately hard! She gave me a very energetic blowjob and threw in lots of handjob action while she licked my balls. Classic!

Adding to my anticipation, she finally laid down on my bed and we proceeded to enjoy a mutual masturbation session while admiring each other. She was not afraid of pleasure at all. Watching her rub that Filipina clit of hers the way she did really turned me on! When I slid my white weasel into her moist cunt hole I was very happy at how tight she was. The intense feeling was quite mutual. She clenched, moaned, groaned and pointed her chin to the heavens with each plowing thrust into her wet region.

Maybe she was just hoping her tiny pussy would survive this ordeal of being pounded by my white rod. After a few position changes I put myself in a position that any self-respecting monger would appreciate, doggy style! it was not long before I infused her fleshy insides with my species continuing creampie. That tight grip had me shaking at the knees with each push as I continued to inseminate her, pulse by pulse, load by load! Most of it dripped out in globs of goo but I’m hoping none of the swimmers made it far enough to make little John T Tron pups 9 months down the road. But then again, someone has to take the crown for Trike patrol in the year 2031.

Last Updated on Monday, 23 April 2012 01:51

Aiza and I started off by taking some sexy pictures. I must say, she sure does have a wonderful smile that begs for the cameras attention. I asked her if she was horny and if she was horny right now. Both were met with seductive “Yes” replies. Bingo! In no time at all, I had moved in closer while caressing her breasts and exposing her perky pair. My cock was then soon invited into her interestingly wet mouth. I surely enjoyed her gentle little tongue laps on my dick head as well!

POV view of Filipina giving a blowjob

She gave a very nice blowjob performance. Another one of those "cold cock meets warm hole" feelings that we all daydream about.

Watching her giving me that blowjob as her wet mouth went up and down the shaft got me soooo horny that we then masturbated in front of each other to drive that heat for each other up a few degrees for good measure. I added to this heat by tonguing and eating her delicious moist snatch. Soon she wanted my veiny bulge deep into her slippery pussy. As you’ll notice from the hardcore video I have here for you she’s quite vocal about her enjoyment of me pounding that fresh tasty pussy!

Every gut crushing thrust was met with sultry moans. We did it missionary, cowgirl (front and back), doggiestyle and then it came to a point where I could no longer hold back the pressure in my balls. As I felt my impending creampie load working it’s way from my balls, past the prostate, through my shaft and out into the great wild yonder that is her tight slippery hole, I filled this girl’s tightness with a Filipina pelvis rattling thud of creampie sperm balls splashing ALL of her insides! The rest that didn’t get stuck way in into her womb dripped out like warm molasses all over my sheets!

Last Updated on Monday, 23 April 2012 02:29

Now here’s a cute little Asian GF in these pictures. You’ll get to see lots of beautiful pussy so be warned, you may get the uncontrollable urge to rub your cock from slit to mouth on this update! yes, I’m talking from personal experience here haha. She appears to be daydreaming about something, most likely her boyfriend or about all the times she had something shoved in her pussy, like her dildo as she partakes in masturbation.

Judging by the size of her dildo, one would also assume she has a cavern for a twat but that’s not the case at all. When she bends over with her spread naked Asian ass shown to us you can clearly see she’s still tight as a tiger in these Asian GF pictures so it’s no wonder this girlfriend got uploaded for bragging rights! Wouldn’t you upload your girl is she looked this fine? Click the picture below to view the gallery.

Asian gf partakes in dildo masturbation

The pictures come from a pretty new site that’s literally littered with thousands of Asian gf pictures and videos that were uploaded by pissed off ex boyfriends and of course by very proud boyfriends who still believe how lucky they are to have such fine pieces of ass like these amateurs! Click the link below to visit the site.

Click here to check out more Asian GFs

Last Updated on Monday, 30 January 2012 02:04

Merry Christmas everyone :) I hope your holidays are going swell but just in case some of you like to law low for the big day I have a nice post today of a girl that loves to ride named Nid taking it in her bald Asian pussy on a Symbian! I got this gallery from Asian Symbian. I have never posted anything from them before but I am quite impressed with their offerings, especially this petite happy go lucky Asian with a fantastic bald pussy!

Symbian ride by Nid's bald Asian pussy

Nid starts of real nice in a skimpy plaid mini skirt, black thong and tiny little bra covering her small Asian tits. What is really surprising is how fine and compact her round ass is when standing but how wide and glorious it gets when she bends over to get something stuffed in her bald Asian pussy, even if it’s a Symbian machine. Truth is, most women who have used a machine like this before know it’s a very good time on a box. The machine gyrates, vibes, reaches every feel-good zone deep inside and then rockets a woman to explosive orgasms that no man could ever give them!

Should we feel threatened of a machine like this? Absolutely not! Think about it. What’s better than watching a sweet bald Asian pussy going full-bore explorgasm with it and lending us the best views of tight snapped without a dick in the way making us feel inferior? Well having it all on video with intimate detail, crystal clear resolution and the hottest close-up photos of the action you can find on Symbians is definitely a perk. Check out their website and let me know what you think. The comments are open for response. Just Register to Post comments on Asian Fun Page (we will never spam you) and post your thoughts in the comments.

Visit Asian Symbian for more orgasmic action!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 December 2011 10:19

Many of you know that I’m also a big fan of 88 Square‘s high quality photography and video so I brought Calyn Rine as she shares her hairy Asian pussy with everyone. I love how the site has an immense collection of outrageous high definition videos of Asian girls masturbating posing and offering every drop of juice from their amazing pussies up for your scrutiny!

Calyn RIne from 88 Square shows us her hairy asian pussy

Calyn Rine is such a beauty. Her pretty face almost hides the fact of just how dirty and down for a good time she really is until her tiny teen tits and lush hairy Asian pussy comes out to play. Calyn can’t help but touch herself and enjoy her own wetness as she shares her hairy pussy with us and spreads her soft thighs for a better view.

There’s more to see so hold tight and keep a towel handy. Like I said before, they have crystal clear high definition video of all the action and I know for sure you will love the video of her masturbating her hairy Asian pussy to a dripping wet orgasm on video.

Enter 88 Square to access & download Hi-Def video

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Last Updated on Thursday, 1 December 2011 03:27

After finishing up one of the galleries that I made for a friend’s website, I wanted to share the girl with you all. Her name is Persinana and she was one of our favorites to shoot and fuck inside Filipina Coeds members area. Her big tits and small ass will have you at the edge of the seat wanting her pussy wrapped around your cock!

Filipina coeds persiana shows big tits and tight small ass

She’s a 28 year old Milf that loved to pose for the camera. She also has one hell of a nice body that she had no issues showing off and touching for us. I love how these Filipina women just never seem to age! She could still pass for 20 but with her experience she can sure fuck like a champ! She rode the lucky bastard cowgirl style as he played with her handful of big tits and her small ass riding up and down!

A lot of people wonder how we find such succulent women to come and play with us on Filipina Coeds. Well, the truth is most of them don’t come to us. It takes charm, being a foreigner with swagger and the ability to make these hot girls feel comfortable with a camera in their face for the entire date, hotel sex romp and shower cleanup. I can’t divulge all the secrets but I can say it’s quite simple if you just give it a try and take a trip to the Philippines for some cheap pussy. A few words of caution though: Don’t expect to ever want to come home again. Once you land back in America the women just aren’t the same. I’ve heard stories of people breaking down crying on planes begging to go back as soon as they seen the first few heffalumps waddling around searching for a cheeseburger. The comparison in quality of women is staggering!

Check out our Filipina Coed videos in here.

Last Updated on Thursday, 1 December 2011 04:29

Now this truly has to be the best of two worlds, The only thing that would make her any better is if there was Thai dna in there somewhere but lets not look a gift-horse in the mouth! She’s part Filipina and part Japanese. She loves to play with her pussy and will blow your mind wide open at the possibilities with this cute Asian rocket! She actually lives in America but her Asian fire shines through int he following picture gallery.

Filipino &Japanese mixed model playing with her pussy with tantilizing views of her tight slit

Watch her peel those panties off and play with her juicy and lonely pussy for the camera as she inches herself closer and close to cumming on her own fingers! She’s got a very nice set of meaty pussy lips, a shaved cunt that has very soft stubble and a clit that begs to be licked. The best part is the videos.. wow. I seriously lost a good 30 minutes of my life watching these but ti was well worth it! Want in on the action? Awesome, enter the download section to get an all-access pass to the full videos. You’ll see many mixes, Japanese/Filipina and even Cambodian/Thai. Anything you can imagine can be seen at their site including hardcore fucking, blowjobs and more pussy masturbation videos!


Note: Another favorite to watch for is Ariel and her sweet 24 year old body. She’s from the Bay Area but resides in Vegas now. She is so fucking hot, beautiful and sexually charged! She may appear to have an innocent demeanor but once her pussy comes out it’s an all out pleasure fest! You can see her in the free tour.

Last Updated on Friday, 11 November 2011 07:08

Thank you to everyone who has been following our blog. Today we bring you the 100th post here on Asian Fun Page! This is very exciting for us because Asian models, porn and mongering are passions of ours and to see this site reach 100 posts really makes us very proud of our accomplishments!

For today, this video cuts right to the chase. In the opening scene you’ll get to see this cute and chubby little Filipina amateur gobbling down on this sex tourist’s hard cock. She gives really, really, REALLY good blowjobs! After getting him sufficiently hard she had her panties removed, pussy inspected and filmed while she masturbates. Her hairy pussy is quite meaty down there! It’s not like watching a hunter field dress a deer or anything but seeing those fingers spreading her wet gash sure makes a man hungry for steak with his pussy! All the more wetness to wrap around his dick, I say!

I always had a soft spot for chubby girls (no pun intended) because they have such soft curves, warmth than can send goosebumps up and down your spine during that first embracing penetration and also they tend to try harder to fuck really good! Trike Patrol put these facts to the test. This girl almost looked bored when masturbating but once he shoved a cock deep in her chubby Filipina pussy, got rode like an animal and penetrated in her “no-no” zone she was all smiles! She was fucked into many “oohs” and “aahs” when finally fucked deep and hard, balls deep… right in her fucking asshole! I just love the views of her nice big tits and massive rock-hard nipples too. She knows how to fuck like a rock-star and gets some dick in many hot positions. Enjoy!

Download her full Chubby Filipina anal video

Last Updated on Friday, 11 November 2011 06:54

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