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Archive for the ‘Phat Asses’ Category

For men like us, there’s something great about watching a tanned damn awful Asian in a bikini behaving badly and playing in the water. That’s exactly what set the tone of this episode that was submitted by a Trike Patrol member named Jonas. While sewing his wild oats on holiday in the Philippines, he captured this adventure on his camcorder and thankfully, we get to share this installment with you all! She met him later on at his hotel to let his dick swim in her organs for a bit and it’s something Jonas could not resist but make it worth your while with a good hardcore fucking that’ll knock your hats off!

Sporting an ass as thick as a rap star dancer, she got fucked in doggy as a must. How could any man resist that? After some missionary at the edge of the bed, he put her up on all fours once again to tap that ass from behind and watch it jiggle. When I said she was damn awful, I meant how awful that one cannot just be one with that ass! She’s also an awfully horny character that loved every bit of her fucking! Like a sport, a pass-time, a hobby.. even an obsession for her! She just loves fucking and doesn’t mind the camera on her one bit when it means she gets fucked good and hard like this!

Tags: , , , , , , , ,   |  Posted under Amateur, Ass, Filipina, Hardcore, Homemade, Phat Asses, Reality, Shaved Pussy, Trike Patrol  |  Comments  Comments Off on Cloe: A damn awful Asian to contend with
Last Updated on Friday, 21 December 2012 02:48

I gotta hand it to the boys on this one. Sometimes, the best kind of Asian pussy is the milf variety. As evident by Lyna here, the supple curves and strong sexual demeanor of a horny asian milf is all one needs to please any man’s cock, even the locals! He takes charge of that pussy and lends us some great views, so much so, it invoked a bit of jealously on John’s part as evident in his own blog’s post about it below. I would be too, she has a very appetizing looking pussy. And in other news, it’s been raining and cold here all week and while writing about her delicious pussy here now, the sun just blared in my window full-blast. Sometimes, mother nature can have a great sense of humor.

Tags: , , , , , ,   |  Posted under Hardcore, MILF / Mature, Phat Asses, Reality, Shaved Pussy, Trike Patrol  |  Comments  Comments Off on Horny Asian MILF rides Pinay cock
Last Updated on Friday, 9 November 2012 02:29

Hey guys, John here again.

Ann stopped in with a Chubby Asian fuck for me named Katrina. She’s not that special in terms of looks, heck, I even thought about sending her back home like I did with the girl the day before. But when Ann and Katrina told me they were half-sisters from the same white father, things changed quickly. That made me horny!

The girl turned out to have a very horny personality about her. I got her to go take a shower then got Ann to warm my dick up with her mouth. Such a nice blowjob from her, too. Once it was Katrina’s turn, I banged this half-white Asian fuck like the slut she was. She was chubby, shy, a bit stupid, sporting nice big fat hanging boobs with long nipples and of course, a fat pussy to fuck! She was very exciting to fuck! I was fucking her while my Asian girlfriend Ann was sound asleep on the couch next to us. Life couldn’t get any better!

Tags: , , , , , , , ,   |  Posted under Amateur, Big Tits, Boobs, Filipina, Filipina Sex Diary, Hairy, Hardcore, Homemade, Oral / Blow Jobs, Phat Asses, POV, Reality  |  Comments  Comments Off on Chubby Asian fuck caught on tape
Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 09:51

Princess and Trixie made a great example of what true friendship and sharing means. They practiced and explored their great abilities to use their Asian pussy holes to please a man with confidence and trust that most girls cannot do, even if they were strangers!

Oh but these delectable Asian pussy friends had more than just their cock-pits to please with, they also put their mouths to work when it mattered most. Damn, what a feeling! I hope it has a similar effect on you as it did looking down and watching these two please me. J.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,   |  Posted under Big Tits, Boobs, Filipina, Hardcore, Oral / Blow Jobs, Phat Asses, POV, Reality, Trike Patrol  |  Comments  Comments Off on Dual Asian Pussy in a hot threesome
Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 09:57

John went on a hot date with twin Asian sisters that were wearing matching clothes to impress him. All that did was make him horny like a dog in heat. They were not identical twins but the idea of one fat and one skinny really appealed to him! They enjoyed some grub at a Chinese restaurant and the girls were full of laughs. The whole time he couldn’t help but wonder how both of these Filipina pussies would feel to have at the same time. It was a great time once all was filmed, fucked and done! Check out the video above to see for yourself. Enjoy! Definitely his best threesome to date!

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,   |  Posted under Amateur, Filipina, Filipina Sex Diary, Hairy, Hardcore, Petite, Phat Asses, POV, Reality, Young / Teen, Young Asian  |  Comments  Comments Off on Twin Asian sisters fucked at the same time
Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 June 2012 08:15

After picking up this chubby Filipina, I was hoping my dick was on the menu for her hunger. I brought her to my hotel where we exchanged some awkward conversation then I realized she was itching to get her meat flaps (the ones on her face and crotch) wrapped around my pork sword. Arlene was much like a Hungry Hippo and she joyfully gorged down on my cock with lots of skill and pleasureful techniques! One of the best blowjob sessions I have had in a long while.

She doesn’t look like a Filipina girl that enjoys salad but she lifted my white balls up and tossed mine gleefully! I returned that favor and ate out her shockingly small and meticulously shaved Filipina pussy. She was so damn tight I even had a hard time stuffing a tongue in! I stuffed my dick in to see if I could loosen her up some but the grip was unreal! Her chubby body was actually quite firm to touch and I could not find any sag at all!

I ended up giving her s slick dripping creampie and watched it all blog out in gravy-like chunks. This just goes to prove: fat chicks are much like mopeds. Fun to ride but don’t let your friends catch you riding on! That part is going to be quite hard because video of my affair with this chunky Filipina babe was posted on the two most famous Filipina sites that ever existed, Trike Patrol and Asian Fun Page!

Last Updated on Monday, 23 April 2012 01:26

This episode started off with a twist of cuteness that caught me off guard. When I showed her my dick she blushed at it’s sight! This is a very sweet and tantalizing experience and it was very much a turn on for me! She knew what she came her to see me for so we went on to the action! We started touching more, making out heavily and eventually started fucking. It was definitely a memorable one. Her Filipina shaved pussy felt so good squeezing on my dick from behind!

I always love it when my Filipina girls scream, it makes me think of Kikai. I got more views of her big boobs for my fans. A nice view of them bouncing, heaving and wiggling as we fucked and I enjoyed slapping her thick soft ass. This will definitely be a great addition to my Filipina sex diary videos!

I sent her off with my cheap camcorder and couldn’t wait to see what she brought back for me. Until then my friends, stay hard and enjoy my Filipina girls and videos!

Last Updated on Monday, 23 April 2012 03:41

Tight body Asian with cum on her thick ass

Hi guys. I got another gallery to show you from Submit Your Thai. This time it’s a very sexy and tight body Asian with cum on her ass and pussy! She’s one of many many sweet Asian girlfriends that have been uploaded, shared and posted in the members area from real guys who travel to or live in south eastern Asia! You’ll love the view of her thick butt getting cum splattered on it and you can tell this guy through the whole thing out ahead of time knowing how crazy it would drive us.

He got the plastic ready on the bed, lathered her up in oil, fucked her pussy, mouth and even made her squeal a few times before giving her not one but two full cumshots to share! One on her beautiful ass and an even bigger one on her spread wide and oiled up shaved Asian pussy! Wow what a shot he took of this tight Asian with cum on her!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 10:05

Juicy yet hairy Asian pussy between her cheeks

Ouch. What an amazing pair of buns on this one I want to lick, suck, kiss and fondle my entire way up her legs, thighs, ass and between her cheeks into that hairy Asian pussy of hers! She’s so juicy and warm looking that I’m sure it would only take about 10 pushes to get off! haha Her tits are quite small but that only means they get extra stimulated when flicked, touched and fondled as well. As she strips her clothing off slowly, this Asian honey named ‘Oil’ begins to reveal more of her tiny tits and shows off her juicy thick ass and hairy Asian pussy split in the middle by a very tight and dainty thong in her cameltoe region.

Juicy Bunny is where I got the gallery from. you’ll be seeing more previews here from them in the future because they have everything from desperate cougars, horny teens and curious amateur Asians that come in all shapes and sizes. THe site is a result of many years traveling the orient so you’ll find a delicious collection of many types of girls to enjoy!

Take a free tour of Juicy Bunny and meet more sexy Asians!

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 December 2011 04:38

It’s not really a massage at this point but the intentions of a massage were somewhat there haha. It’s secret hidden camera footage from an oriental massage parlor where men go in to get a happy ending. They are unknowingly filmed getting their minds blown away by some of the hottest Asian massage sluts like Adrianna Luna massaging cock with their Asian pussies, soft hands and even with their tits! All the action is caught in 3 hidden cameras so you get every good angle of these lucky dudes being pleased in many positions.

Adrianna Luna has a smoking hot ass and great pair of tits. Her slightly chubby Asian body is very attractive and just screams “I am woman hear me roar! I will make your dick turn sore!” My kind of ladies if you ask me.. personally speaking that is lol Anyways. The video cuts through all the sensual massaging and foreplay leading up to him getting the cock rode right off him but she makes damn sure that no matter where you tune in it’s sure to be an event to see!

She straddles him cowgirl style while massaging his cock with her pussy lips then slams her pussy down deep, grinds her clit into him and gyrated in ways that make her plush Asian booty wiggle, perk out and make you wish she would massage you from ankle to face with it! She really starts liking it as much as her client does and gets right into it when she begins to slam her pussy down harder, let her big hanging tits bounce up, down, left and right atop his very pleased smile! She turns around, mounts him reverse-cowgirl and continues to fuck him with a view of her Asian booty that makes him cum together with her.

There’s more preview videos available @ Happy Tugs and all video is shot in full 1080p resolution.

> Enter Happy Tugs for Asian Sex Massage Videos! <

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 September 2011 09:17

Jennifer's nude filipina art student heart shaped ass bent over diggiestyle

I got another sweet asian girl for you guys today. I hope you love trimmed eager asian pussy because she’s got a great one! Her name is Jennifer and she loves sex. She’s an up and coming dance performance artist that loves to use her body to please and entertain. She was more than happy to share all of it with the guys over at Filipina Coeds and I’m more than happy to share some fantastic pictures with you here! Watch as she gets undressed, plays with her tits, exposes her beautiful soft thick asian ass with us and spreads her legs wide to give great views of her spread trimmed pussy.

Our aspring little Filipina art student starts off by removing her tight black jeans then bending over to showcase that beautiful soft and curved heart shaped ass of hers. Wow I’d love to rub my bulging cock up against it and be within an arms reach of when she rolls over and spreads that soft set of thighs to see her mosit pussy in panties just begging to be licked! . . sigh.. sorry got carried away there haha! Anyways, check out her nice little Filipina tits she has too! Perfect handful of love right there.

I can’t belive how pretty this one is. Maybe it’s just that really tight and petite body this Asian has but I think she is absolutely adorable and would love to feel her heart shaped asian ass cheeks squeeze around my cock when fucking her from behind like in the doggiestyle pictures below. What do you guys think of her ass? I’m really curious because I think it’s one of the best ones I have seen on here. The last pictures does me in though. I have a fascination with tits that are round of any size and her sexy petite body like this.. wow.

The fun with this nude Filiina art student doesn’t end here. The very first video on this page shows her getting fucked hard from behind and playing with her trimmed asian pussy! You’ll love how her heart shaped ass wraps around his dick and takes a pounding that sends ripples up her cheeks with each thrust!

Click to see Jennifer Fucked on Video

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 September 2011 01:20

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