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Posts Tagged ‘softcore’

Thai hottie shows her fine ass bent over doggie style with thong in crack

I love ass. I cannot lie about that. What I really love is that moment when you get to see someone else’s girlfriend’s ass though! I recently had an experience much like this where I saw a ass I shouldn’t have seen and couldn’t do much about it. It was accidental and sexy at the same time. She knew I saw it and made it happen so that I would see it, he didn’t know. I could not pull it out and whack it right then like I wanted to but with sites like Me and My Asian it’s always possible to get off looking at another man’s cute Asia girlfriend!

I today’s update, the girl prances around in her thong panties and then bends over to give a nice split ass cheek view of a thong right up her crack bent over doggiestyle! You’ll see many hot photos like this in the members area but also many many movies of Thai hotties showing their fine asses and getting fucked real long and hard for your enjoyment!

You’ll love all the hot Asian girlfriends inside Me and My Asian. It’s a site where guys share and upload pictures and nice big movies of their Asian girlfriends showing fine ass, pussy and getting fucked! You’ll find many POV style Asia girlfriend videos of them sucking cock, spreading their moist gashes and getting fucked in many different positions! With a selection of mostly teen and coed Thai amateur girlfriends, you won’t go bored once you secure your password!

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 December 2012 01:26

Ariel Spinner has been featured a few times here before but I wanted to give a more intimate look into her nasty side. She’s recently turned 18 and will do whatever it takes to make your time spent with her worth your while. She is always fantasizing about how good all our dicks would feel spreading open her swollen lips and spraying her with hot loads deep inside her shaved teen pussy! Ariel Spinner shows you her petite Asian teen curves in today’s gallery that will have you begging to run your tongue from one end of her tot he other. Ever hear the expression “from asshole to appetite?” yeah. Just like that! haha

Ariel Spinner strips to show petite Asian curves and tiny tits and sucking on her panties

In the gallery you will get to see her peeling a sexy revealing nightie from her petite Asian teen curves and playing with her skin-tight panties after they’ve been dampened by her always-horny shaved pussy! She has an incredible appetite for sex and as the clothes come off you can see all the naughty parts that make us all hungry for her bits! her site updates very often with fresh, new and wild videos of her masturbating, fucking, licking other girl’s pussies and having multiple orgasms for you. The site is a diary of her personal sexual excursions at home, out and about as well as in the studio.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 December 2012 01:25

Sweetie with panties down shows off her Asian Ass

After gawking at this Asian ass for a few minutes you may begin to feel changes in your life coming. The first signs are thinking of an excuse to fly to Asia, the next sign is booking ticket onlines and the definitive sign it has changed your life forever is the signed divorce papers left on the wife’s nightstand with the keys to the house, car and even the tool shed. You’re never going back after experiencing ass like this. They have the most beautiful women ever in Asia and this is definitely proof!

MoonAngel has been photographing these hot girls like this hot ass Asian here since 1995. In internet years, that’s 3 days older than dirt! They’re collection spans the vast ever-changing “pop-Asian-culture” that can sometimes make one’s head spin and consist of more pictures and other tidbits than you can even begin to comprehend. So suit up, put on your big-boy socks and pour a drink. You’re about to go off the deep end and call a lawyer to demand a divorce and recommendations for permanently moving to Asia:)

Tags: , , , , , ,   |  Posted under Ass, Hairy, Petite  |  Comments  Comments Off on Life-Changer: Most Beautiful Asian Ass Ever
Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 07:11

With the way that a lot of Asians are portrayed in adult media it’s no wonder we fantasize so much about them doing absurd things for our sexual gratification, such as this updates with a sexy big tit Asian washing her car for us to view. I very well doubt you’d see this very often in your own lifetime but the great thing about porn sites like Young Asian Bunnies is that there’s always going to be a genius with a camera who finds the hottest Asian girls and puts them in the sexiest situations man could ever enjoy.

Nude Big tit Asian Car Wash

it takes a lot of talent o capture the beauty of a delicious big tit Asian like her but it also takes a lot of talent to show how much fun she is lathering up her nice big Asian tits with soap and capturing her beauty as the water runs down her body leaving a sexy glisten that only begs to be massaged into her glorious curves!

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Last Updated on Monday, 26 March 2012 08:10

Check out this preview of Grace’s good times with Trike Patrol. If you have been following Trike Patrol for any length of time you’ll be aware of how there’s not going to be a single model type Filipina girl featured. Most appreciate that authentic depiction of Mongering in the Philippines. Truth of the matter is, no regular joe is going to find any plastic barbie style girls that are willing to do the things these girls do for regular joe-blow tourists like John. Trike Patrol is not even going to try and pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. These are real girls you can find at any popular bar who are willing to go that extra mile to make your stay a good one!

Tiny tits Filipina girl spreads legs

Grace and her tiny Filipina tits, spread wide legs and fun personality illustrates exactly what I am saying. She’s far from a super model but she is a real genuine Filipina girl that even joe-blow could meet just about anywhere when looking for vacation in the Philippines.

With all that being said, check out Grace’s hot and bothered tiny tits Filipina gallery then visit this page to sample some videos from Trike Patrol.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 09:56

Cute Asian girls in the shower

My oh my what a cute pair of steamy naked Asian girls we have in the shower here today! Those beautiful horny little Filipina bodies look so invitingly rub-able, fondle-able and definitely fuck-able as their slender bodies entwine, bend over and get covered in sweet smelling soapy bubbles! Most guys are tired of seeing the same old Asian sluts on camera that we’ve all seen a million times before so when I come across an unseen dynamic pair of cuties like this, I absolutely HAVE to share them with you!

Hot Manila Nights has been a long time friend to us here at the Asian Fun Page because of their adorable girls, real Asian teens from South-East Asia and the insatiable ability to get the girls to act natural, be themselves and have a good time together! Even if it’s two steaming hot Asian girls playing along together in the shower before servicing an expat on the hotel bed for video footage! Which, by the way is available in the members area. Cheers!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 February 2012 09:45

I loves me a nice pair of soft tits but I also go crazy for a soft hairy pussy like this. So I wanted to show you this sweet Asian girlfriend’s self pics that were obtained from Asian Sex GFs. As I’ve said last Tuesday, It’s a site that I recently discovered that is full of fresh Asian teen girlfriends that were never seen before. It’s one of those upload sites that disgruntled boyfriends spread their ex girlfriends as well as happily sexually active couples share their good times with the world.

Asian girlfriend with hairy pussy and soft tits

There’s many site out there like it but most are full of crap photos that were “produced” in a slummy apartment somewhere to look “authentic’ but they are not. You can spot the fakes a mile away anyways so rest assured, I only post whats real and the best part is, their members area is only ONE FUCKING DOLLAR TO JOIN! Yes, $1! AS a bonus you get access too all of their other sites at no extra charge too!

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Last Updated on Monday, 30 January 2012 02:05

Now here’s a cute little Asian GF in these pictures. You’ll get to see lots of beautiful pussy so be warned, you may get the uncontrollable urge to rub your cock from slit to mouth on this update! yes, I’m talking from personal experience here haha. She appears to be daydreaming about something, most likely her boyfriend or about all the times she had something shoved in her pussy, like her dildo as she partakes in masturbation.

Judging by the size of her dildo, one would also assume she has a cavern for a twat but that’s not the case at all. When she bends over with her spread naked Asian ass shown to us you can clearly see she’s still tight as a tiger in these Asian GF pictures so it’s no wonder this girlfriend got uploaded for bragging rights! Wouldn’t you upload your girl is she looked this fine? Click the picture below to view the gallery.

Asian gf partakes in dildo masturbation

The pictures come from a pretty new site that’s literally littered with thousands of Asian gf pictures and videos that were uploaded by pissed off ex boyfriends and of course by very proud boyfriends who still believe how lucky they are to have such fine pieces of ass like these amateurs! Click the link below to visit the site.

Click here to check out more Asian GFs

Last Updated on Monday, 30 January 2012 02:04

Very cute Asian teen AV idol

As Weird Al Yakovic once said “Nothing could be finer than to be in a vaginer in the morning,” this gallery reminds us of the truth of how damn awesome it would be to wake up, roll over and find this pretty doe-eyed Asian teen with tiny tits and a hairy pussy stripping on your bed. I wouldn’t even pinch myself, I’d want to stay asleep in case it was just a dream but I’d damn well pinch her buns quite a bit! Mai Sakashita is a very fun-loving and playful petite teen that has driven men wild since she turned 18. Now she’s featured on a wicked new-found site called Unseen Japan that’s chock full of awesome teens just like her in solo series, full-on hardcore scenes and teasing our senses with just the presence of their beauty alone. It’s only a matter of time before this beauty becomes world-famous now!

Mai Sakashita’s hot hairy bush may be impressive to some but for me it’s a flashback to a time when a handful of cunt was met with soft damp fur begging to be parted and split by fingers, tongue and cock on petite 18 year old sophomore in a mini skirt being explored in a back trail somewhere when I was still learning the ropes to becoming a man-whore.

Click for more unseen Japan beauties

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 December 2011 10:30

Juicy yet hairy Asian pussy between her cheeks

Ouch. What an amazing pair of buns on this one I want to lick, suck, kiss and fondle my entire way up her legs, thighs, ass and between her cheeks into that hairy Asian pussy of hers! She’s so juicy and warm looking that I’m sure it would only take about 10 pushes to get off! haha Her tits are quite small but that only means they get extra stimulated when flicked, touched and fondled as well. As she strips her clothing off slowly, this Asian honey named ‘Oil’ begins to reveal more of her tiny tits and shows off her juicy thick ass and hairy Asian pussy split in the middle by a very tight and dainty thong in her cameltoe region.

Juicy Bunny is where I got the gallery from. you’ll be seeing more previews here from them in the future because they have everything from desperate cougars, horny teens and curious amateur Asians that come in all shapes and sizes. THe site is a result of many years traveling the orient so you’ll find a delicious collection of many types of girls to enjoy!

Take a free tour of Juicy Bunny and meet more sexy Asians!

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 December 2011 04:38

Rare Asian treat sporting perfectly round firm tits

Rare Asian is a site that offers many very rare Asian models in their collection in hi res photography and in video. It’s all of the “Amateur” flavor, thus what explains the rarity. See, in Asian it’s much more difficult to get away with showing yourself naked because of the shame that comes with it when friends and family discover it. So most Asian porn is produced, run by white westerners or of a bunch of horny amateurs who agreed to go naked on the promise of nobody in Asia ever being able to see it. So when a beauty like this one comes along, you know that she’s a rare Asian treat and her perky teen tits will have you hungry for some oriental milk bags within the first glace at them!

The site is full of amateur rare Asians from Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and more! You’ll see them get naked, fucked, masturbate and even sucking lots of cock. The pics and videos are all exclusive and seen no where else so check them out and tell me what you think of the girls. Of course there’s a huge selection of perky teen tits through the collection as well for those who want more like today’s pair of chesticles!

Enter for more Amateur Asian teens getting naked!

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 December 2011 04:38

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