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This update from Trike Patrol is a pretty cool one. It features this young 18 year old Asian schoolgirl that got fucked right in the outdoors at some rickety field near the base of a volcano in the Philippines. After warming her up by sharing his smoke with her, she let him see up her skirt and get a nice look at her tight pussy snugged extremely tight against her cartoon-like underwear. It’s not long after that she shows her handful-sized breasts and puts his dick in her mouth after a quick request for head. Sally was obviously concerned about being out in the open getting fucked as well because even though she was enjoying it enough to rub her pussy to orgasm as he pushed his meat-rod into her, she kept silent while keeping “6” on the surroundings.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   |  Posted under Amateur, Hardcore, Homemade, Oral / Blow Jobs, POV, Reality, school girls, Trike Patrol, Young / Teen, Young Asian  |  Comments  Comments Off on Sally: Asian schoolgirl fucked outdoors by tourist
Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 June 2012 07:41

John went on a hot date with twin Asian sisters that were wearing matching clothes to impress him. All that did was make him horny like a dog in heat. They were not identical twins but the idea of one fat and one skinny really appealed to him! They enjoyed some grub at a Chinese restaurant and the girls were full of laughs. The whole time he couldn’t help but wonder how both of these Filipina pussies would feel to have at the same time. It was a great time once all was filmed, fucked and done! Check out the video above to see for yourself. Enjoy! Definitely his best threesome to date!

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,   |  Posted under Amateur, Filipina, Filipina Sex Diary, Hairy, Hardcore, Petite, Phat Asses, POV, Reality, Young / Teen, Young Asian  |  Comments  Comments Off on Twin Asian sisters fucked at the same time
Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 June 2012 08:15

Holy snappin’ turtle butt-holes, Batman! This is one hell of a sexy looking Petite Asian chick! I’ll most likely need to masturbate all night after watching the members area video before I can even think about going to sleep. This girl gave John one hell of an amazing blowjob. Not a wild one but a perfect well-balanced one! Ha, John even commented on how polite she acted while doing it. What a girl! Fucking a petite Asian model-type chick like this must be heaven. So, my hat’s off to you John!

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   |  Posted under Filipina Sex Diary, Hairy, Hardcore, Homemade, Oral / Blow Jobs, Petite, POV, Reality, Young / Teen, Young Asian  |  Comments  Comments Off on Khia: Petite Asian chick catches John’s attention
Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 June 2012 06:26

Mitch promised me yesterday that she’d get with me to spend some time taking pictures. She texted me this morning to meet her for coffee in Robinson Mall. She actually kept her word and showed up! I like that in Filipina girls. She’s most likely just jealous of my time with Honeybabes and wants to experience a good time too.

My god man! These girls keep getting hotter and hotter! The best part is that some of these slender Asian girls get jealous of each other and want in on the action too, knowing full well that John won’t be there to cuddle them in the morning. heck, the rare time they do stay overnight he molest them in ways that they like first thing upon waking up then he sends them on their way never to be heard from again!

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 May 2012 08:05

So we have our first somewhat awkward hello’s and she sits down across from me smiling. She wasn’t as uncomfortable as you’d expect a young girl meeting a strange foreigner for the first time to be, which probably says she’s done this before. That’s ok, so have I. I will say she did come off smarter than the average slag around here, which made for semi-nice conversing with. We got through the ice and had an enjoyable meal together, during which she agreed we would do some “photo-taking” later. She even mischievously hinted at some possible monkey-business too; I kinda liked this girl. For a night at least, haha.

What I have to say about this girl can hardly be put into words but her tiny Filipina pussy is enough to make many men go to war. Not only does she provide an awesome place to thrash his cock around inside of, but look at the view John was left with after a much enjoyed fuck:

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 May 2012 07:56

There’s a complete slew of Filipina stand-by bargirls who while they will often never set foot in the bar, are generally purposefully hustling over the internet or hooking in the guise of ‘relationship searching’ by way of the many Filipina dating web sites or all-out hardcore cyber-sex over the various webcam sites. This culture of milking as much pesos out of as rich of a foreigner as possible, in every approach possible, is actually pervasive in everyday activities here.

Was as shocked as I was when this relatively normal looking teen girl I approached in the trike hopped right inside beside me like it had been second nature? Virtually no, not at all. How come? Because it’s second nature on her behalf, for reasons I recently touched on above. She was aboard the sidecar in advance of exchanging names, which suggested to me that she was on what I’ve heard referred to here as a Filipina stand-by bargirl. Quite simply, a girl waiting for a foreigner for a ‘short time’ fuck session. In many cases, it’s bar girls wanting to make excess pesos after work. The practice is not as common as it had been before the internet just made it even easier for Filipina stand-by bargirls to get direct, discreet contact with potential Johns.

But that is what it appeared Ashley here was; a Filipina stand-by bargirl that just got lucky and caught herself a ‘job’. She was pleasant enough and I recently needed a fast nut, so for that I was very happy to have scored a chunk of this early evening pussy. When we got to the room, she wasn’t much of a vocally communicative girl and didn’t understand English so well, nevertheless she confirmed what I thought about this one being a possible off-duty bargirl. She was 20 years old, with a decent, petite body and the average face. Not a bad catch at all

Last Updated on Monday, 2 April 2012 11:54

What a great day this was for John! Zen came back to his hotel for some fun. If you follow his blog @ My Filipina Girls you may remember the skinny girl that he met the 1st of March named Zen. She was on the rag so only gave him a blowjob and John thought she would never come back. Suddenly, she showed up and was ready for more. It didn’t take much time for him to get her into some hardcore Filipina sex on video. She was all for it.

This is the best way to end a week while in the Philippines. With a somewhat innocent girl who needed to learn some sex skills. By going to visit sex teacher John, Zen is well on her way to gaining some hardcore Filipina sex experience from a pro! There’s girls like this all over the Philippines but this is the best choice for a lazy Saturday afternoon hardcore Filipina sex sessions! Her very skinny Filipina body and hairy pussy were sure to please, that’s for sure, experience or no experience!

Last Updated on Monday, 2 April 2012 11:54

Remember the quiet Filipina teens Maricel and April that John met at his Filipina Sex Diary? April returned and wanted to do some photo shooting with John but it turned into so much more! She’s quite the kinky title thing! The look on her face was great though when anything naughty was mentioned. It was a shy but excited “I cant believe it’s happening now” look. He could not resist exploring her nether regions and that sweet Filipina teen body of hers drove him nuts enough to just go for it! There was no resistance in his efforts at all!

Maricel’s hairy Filipina teen pussy is what really got John the most excited. it felt so soft and she totally loved the way her wet pussy got fondled when she was being undressed. Check out his Filipina Sex Diary to watch the full video

Last Updated on Monday, 2 April 2012 11:55

Hi guys! Do I ever have an exciting installment from John’s My Filipina Girls blog to report this time. Check out his opening quote and you’ll see just how fired up he was about this cute Filipina girl he stalked in the hotel lobby the day before.

Hello my friends! I ended up meeting my cute Filipina girl that was texting in the lobby yesterday within minutes of waking up today!!

I woke up, stretched, scratched my white balls and took a peak out the window to see what’s lurking down at the pool. To my surprise it’s the same cute Filipina girl I saw texting yesterday! I took right off downstairs with my video camera still rolling and went to talk to her. Eventually she told me she was on a vacation with her parents and that they were all staying in my hotel! Jackpot!!!! She’s freshly 18 so that means I have to work my charm to see if I can fuck this cute Filipina teen ASAP!

I agree with John’s observations of this girl. There truly is something very exciting about Analyn and her cute Filipina teen body! It is quite funny that her family was just a floor below John and Analyn when they returned to his room to get more personal. I could just imagine the look on her parent’s faces if they heard her holler out while he’s fucking their cute Filipina teen!

I never seen such a wonderful sight and heard such animistic sounds of a cute Filipina teen begging and screaming to be fucked harder like this before. Truly cock-rising and awe-inspiring!

Last Updated on Monday, 2 April 2012 11:55

Ciara shows us her tiny Filipina tits

I built a gallery featuring Ciara last week and wanted to share it with you but then I realized, you guys might like to see the video of her tiny Filipina tits too so I got both for you. Check out Ciara’s Trike Patrol gallery here then enjoy the video below:

Ciara is actually a re-fuck for Trike patrol. Usually these girls are here one minute and gone the next. They visit the city to make quick cash then head back to any number of 4,000 Philippine islands and are never heard from again. The ones who do return are so random that you just cannot count on when and where they will be. They also go through phone numbers like toilet paper so it was very shocking when we texted Ciara, she actually replied! We asked if she wanted to come back and she sure did! Many fans inside Trike patrol truly loved her tiny Filipina tits and we had to deliver the goods since we were able to reach her again.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 April 2012 07:17

Hi guys! My name is John, I started my own personal website Filipina Sex Diary when I embarked on my Philippine sex vacation at the end of January. Since then I have been staying in Angeles City near the Fields Avenue strip and it has been an absolute blast being here! Not only have I met with so many women that I can hardly keep track of them all but I also got to film many of them for my personal sex diary. I was invited to join the Asian Fun Page network of sites to share my stories, experiences and of course all of My Filipina Girls! I hope you all like what I have done with my website and look forward to updates from me on a daily basis. I will post here on this blog a few times a month to share my favorites with you. Cheers my friends, I wish you were all here with me :)

I have learned that one of the best ways to pick up Filipina girls to approach them in multiples. I learned this soon after getting settled into Angeles City. For those who do follow my sex diary, you may remember a Filipina teen with big tits named April and her friend Maricel. I got Maricel to come home with me quite easily and I guess word of mouth amongst Filipina girls must be quite powerful in influence because April texted me asking to do some photos with me too. I’m no fool, I would never say no to a girl like her so she soon came along and judging by what happened next, photos was the last thing on her mind. It was my white cock she was after!

It was not long after I started taking photos that her shyness broke and I got to explore this Filipina teen’s big tits as well as her splendid petite body. She was not very good in English but sex only has a few words anyways and they are international in terms of vocalizations. “Ohh”, “Ahh” and of course “Mmm”! Her pair of Filipina teen big tits were more than a handful but not by much. I fact, they were big compared to her stature and wouldn’t be all that special on a white girl but for a Filipina.. they are way above average.

Last Updated on Monday, 2 April 2012 11:59

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